Bar Mitzvah photography | David’s at Chabad@Flamingo Center | Richmond Hill

Bar Mitzvah photography . We had great opportunity to meet with David and his  family and friends for celebration of his Bar Mitzvah(make sure you check our other Bar Mitzvah photography events ). The ceremony took place at the Chabad @ Flamingo center and the party – at the roof top of  Park Hyatt Toronto .

Mazal Tov , David !!!Chabad Flamingo center outside and inside

bar mitzvah boy and his family portrait at bar mitzvah photography

man talking to the Rabbie

mother of the bar mitzvah boy is watching

woman praying, bar mitzvah boy is preparing to pray at Thornhill bar mitzvah photography

preparation for the bar mitzvah

Rabbie and men are praying

women are praying

Bar Mitzvah boy caring the Torah

Men are watching as the Bar Mitzvah boy caries the Torah

man reading from the Torah

guests are trowing candy to Bar Mitzvah boy

boy caries Torah back

Bar Mitzvah boy's friends are watching

Bar Mitzvah sweets

bar mitzvah boy jumping with his friends

bar mitzvah party begins

nice table top decoration

kids are dancing on Bar Mitzvah party

bar mitzvah boy's mother is dancing

bar mitzvah boy is dancing

fun entertainment, everybody dances

Rabbi cutting the hala

funny DJ dancing with a kids

funny DJ with the Bar Mitzvah boy photograph together

guests are dancing

everybody dances on Bar Mitzvah party

kids are dancing on the party

girls are giving the speech to the Bar Mitzvah boy

everybody laughing on the speech

chocolate fountain and sweets

group portrait of bar mitzvah boy's friends

bar mitzvah boy 's happy dance on stage

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