How much BariPhotography charge 😉 ?

We have different packages , which suits any budget and needs. Prices starting from $1400.

What if we want to change something in your packages ?

No problem 🙂 All our packages are customizable and flexible.

How many hours would you cover the wedding ?

As much as you will need and also depend on how many hours you had order our services;)

How many photographs we will get?

It’s all depends on the style you want us to photograph with. But we try to concentrate on quality vs. quantity .  All our images will be hand picked and enhanced for the best look 😉

We would like  to  do Caribbean wedding 🙂 Would you be able to go with us ?

Yes , we would travel around the glob with you 🙂 …charges will apply 😉

We would like to have a chance to print our photographs by our self, could we ?

Yes, with each package you will receive the DVD (s) with all your images in high resolution , edited and optimised for print. You can print it with our professional lab with highly competitive prices ,or you can print it on your own leisure – you are getting all the printing rights 🙂

Can we post the photographs on the Facebook?

Yes! We also provide you with the folder of the images reduced in size and optimized for the web publishing. It will hold our small logo on the bottom of the photograph.

What is this –  a web gallery ?

We will upload all the images from your event on our web cart/gallery. It is password protected, so only you and your relatives and friends , you share the password with ,will be able to see and order the photographs from us .

How many photographers will photograph our wedding ?

Usually we photograph your wedding as a team(Oleg+Victoria), so you will get more images with extra point of view. You can also book with us extra photographer ,who’s image portfolio will be pre-approved by you.

 How would you describe your photography style (e.g. traditional, photojournalistic, creative)?

We photograph in creative photojournalistic style,  but obviously, we do all the couple , bridal , group etc. formal portraits too

Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?

Usually we are not accepting list for the photographs , we try to tell the story of your wedding day with our creative style, however we always try to keep our couple happy ,so if you really need it, we can bend on this 🙂

 Do you back up our photos? If so, when?

We  use triple back up system. All your images being backed up from the memory cards during the coverage on our external hard drive, then transferred on our computer to the specific folder and archive. We not formatting our memory cards , until you receive your final product. We keeping your archived images in our system and on DVD for two years.

Have you ever worked at my wedding site before? If not, do you plan to check it out in advance?

We always try to scout the location before the big day 😉

What attire will you and/or assistants wear?

It’s all depends of the arrangement with you , we don’t want to have different looks than your guests B-)

If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge?

We always can stay extra hours, however if you didn’t buy full day package additional charges will apply

Please advise if you have a complete set of wedding pics that we can see.

Whenever we will be able to meet we can show sampling of our jobs

May I have a couple of references?

Of course 🙂 ! We will be happy to provide you with the references to our couples

And on the end very good article about HOW TO for the bride to be: