Susan and Jason |Unionville engagement

I was very excited to go out and do my the first real winter engagement shoot .  It’s pretty cold out there, but I’ll bet you can’t tell in the pictures.  There was some fear of red noses but thankfully we were blessed with some great weather. I enjoy these engagement sessions so much because it allows me to get to know my clients  much better. Unionville is a perfect town for the winter photoshoots. Susan and Jason are a great couple and we had an awesome time exploring the streets in our winter attire. Actually, it wasn’t much snow on the ground ,but we could fill it in the air coming .



Thank you guys for such a lovely photoshoot !!!! Now we’ll wait for your wedding ….

Thanks for visiting and Happy Holidays !!!







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  1. Love the shot with Santa in the background!

  2. These engagement session pics are great!… I saw the video of the pics first but getting the time to look over each image longer is also nice…. The hardest part of winter engagement sessions is getting nice colors while outside…. Great work!

  3. I love images in the tall grass, they are always a great addition, so as the one with dramatic sky. Beautiful work.


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